Primus brings over 50 years of experience helping companies outsource and build a range of electronics assemblies and systems to support strong growth and to increase quality performance. As a trusted Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, we’re flexible, nimble, and dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations.



  • Treat people with respect and dignity
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Listen to the ideas and suggestions of others
  • Recognize and reward accomplishment


  • Be honest, forthright, trustworthy and dependable
  • Respect ethics, laws, regulations and the environment


  • Honor commitments to others and yourself
  • Accept responsibility and be accountable


  • Continuously improve the business
  • Explore innovative ideas
  • Lead with quality and productivity
  • Follow best practices
  • Only give your best; mediocrity is not an option
Primus Technologies Corp


  • Focus on our customers
  • Lead with technology and innovation
  • Sustain and grow our presence in our core markets
  • Leverage our relationships with our customers, our community and our suppliers
  • Expand our markets by building on our relationships, on our past performance and on our focus as a solutions provider
  • Deliver quality in all aspects of our business
  • Be competitive, offer value solutions and partner with suppliers and customers

No matter which market we’re working in, one thing holds true: we get it right the first time.