October 5, 2014 Primus Technologies News

Primus Technologies Awarded AS9100 C

(Williamsport, PA February 15, 2013) – Primus Technologies Corp, a manufacturer of electronic circuit cards and assemblies: final assembly and box build of electromechanical systems and subsystems for the Defense, Aerospace, Industrial Commercial, Computer, Automotive / Transportation and Medical Markets was recently recertified to the AS9100 C standard by Underwriters Laboratories UL/DQS Management Systems. AS9100 includes all the requirements of ISO 9001 in addition to requirements specifically applicable to aerospace companies. This re-certification, now going on its 8th year cycle through a tri-ennial surveillance audit, is the latest accreditation earned by Primus Technologies in its commitment to its customers to provide innovative solutions and high quality products to its customers in air and ground transportation, defense and space applications, medical monitoring and detection, and power generation and system monitoring.

To meet the requirements of UL-DQS accreditations, sector-qualified auditors conducted this audit in accordance with AS9100C, AS9101D and AS9104/1 requirements. The audit included the completion of the AS9101C Aerospace Checklist Appendix A and the audit of other processes designated on the audit program. All three production shifts at Primus were audited as part of the total audit activities over a 4 day period with two auditors.

The objective of the audit was to determine the extent of conformity of the organization’s management system with audit criteria of the AS9100C/AS9101D Standard requirements, to evaluate the capability of the management system to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements; evaluate the effectiveness of the management system in meeting its specified objectives; identify areas for potential improvement of the management system, and during the visit, UL-DQS audited the implementation of the Aerospace Management System, finding zero (0) minor and zero (0) major nonconformities. The review of the Management System indicated that there were no improvements necessary and it was also determined that no systemic or structural issues were found. The extracted table below from the audit report summarizes the overall evaluation of the Company to the standard by the auditors from UL-DQS.

“Our AS9100 certification and NADCAP registration demonstrates to our customers that we have a commitment to quality and reliability”, said Jeremiah W. Sullivan, Chairman of the Board at Primus Technologies. Every member of our team has gone the extra mile to meet AS9100 requirements and to serve our customers with continuous improvement, zero defect goals and on time delivery performance that is unmatched by our peers in our industry.”